About Us

The company was founded in 1993 under the name KONITEKS, but in 2003 it was reregistered in AVTO LIDER. At the very beginning, the company started working with Monroe shock absorbers and it was a very difficult product for launching on the Macedonian market, taking into account the number of repaired shock absorbers that were installed and the limited number of vehicles driven at the time (mostly Zastava and Eastern European vehicles). Later comes the time of liberalized imports, especially for second-hand cars from Europe, which caused the need for quality and original spare parts. With patient and persistent work, Avto Lider penetrated Monroe as a reliable and quality product on the Macedonian market. Exiting the local frameworks, it gradually formed the distribution network throughout Macedonia. As a general representative of Monroe, Avto Lider then started negotiations with other well-known auto parts companies, and soon brought here some of the most eminent names in this industry.

After changing multiple locations, one big step was to buy an object in the city center, street 34 no. 6 (opposite the Olympic pool) with a store, office premises and warehouse and we also opened another store in Strumica.

Today, Avto Lider has 10 employees, with about 10,000 products in stock available at any moment. It has a distribution network with more than 30 distributors in all cities in Macedonia.

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