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We offer the largest choice from the leading manufacturer of shock absorbers for all passenger, terrain and light freight vehicles. For passenger cars, it is Monroe - Original with original factory-fitted technology, SENSA-TRAC and MONROE-REFLEX, which is a revolution in the technology of shock absorbers.

For cars that often carry a load or pull a trailer there is the LOAD- LEVELER. Off-road vehicles use the new MONROE-ADVENTURE that replaced MAGNUM, while MONROE VAN MAGNUM is intended for the light trucks.

Within the shock absorbers we also offer protective tires and bearings for the shock absorber that prevent wear and improve the geometry of the vehicle. MONROE is a proven manufacturer of shock absorbers for factory fitting, and some of the world manufacturers of vehicles that use these products are: Audi, Daimler-Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, GM, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Renault, Rover, Landrover, Seat, Suzuki, Toyota, VW and others. All products have a warranty regardless of the mileage covered.

As a multi-year WRC champion, Citroen on its Xsara uses Monroe shock absorber technology intended exclusively for WRC cars.

The latest Volvo cars (S60R, V70R, S60, S80, V70 and XC70) are equipped with the latest CES shock absorbers that combine the most modern technologies to control the operation of the shock absorber. Each shock absorber is equipped with a range of sensors that monitor the behavior of the shock absorber and with the help of the main steering unit, the shock absorber is adjusted to the newly occurring situation. This contributes to greater reliability, better steering and more driving comfort.



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