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The spark plug is one of the most important parts for the gasoline motors, which at the same time does not require particular care or maintenance, and in the course of its lifespan it lights a spark at least million times and burns the fuel and air mixture. Because of this, it must be a high quality product in all working conditions.

NGK spark plugs are a premium technology that includes use of materials such as platinum, wolfram, silver and gold, and the replacement intervals reach up to 100,000 km for some engines. You can find the NGK spark plugs in almost all vehicles as being the original included.

Apart from spark plugs, the offer contains diesel engine heaters, cables and lambda probes (universal and custom).

The quality assurance is that NGK spark plugs are used by Formula1 teams, WRC cars, MOTO GP engines, the DTM championship, Le Mans and to be more general, in almost all racing cars.

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